Professor Boguslaw (Bob) Marek

I hardly ever remember to distribute evaluation sheets. The feedback quoted below comes from organizers of workshops conducted in several countries between 2003 and 2020.


“Whole course A*. The best RNIB course I’ve attended.”

“Very, very useful, an excellent day and excellent trainer. It is very rare to have a day when everything is useful, practical and exciting. Thank you.”

“I can’t wait to get back op school to try out these wonderful ideas.”

Australia SVRC

"It was both a privilege and a pleasure to be given the opportunity to attend Bob's workshop - thank you. He's an amazing speaker with an incredible command of English given that it's his second language and punctuated with the occasional, delightful, whimsical - and Oh so English - sense of humour, makes him a true delight to listen to. I was constantly amazed at his ability to think laterally and translate his thoughts into very significant, practical and functional equipment for blind kids grappling with the understanding of tactile graphics."

"What a fantastic PD day. I was so inspired by Professor Bob and his strategies, techniques and materials related to tactile graphics. It really reinforces the value of experience, concept development, pictures and drawing for the children we work with. What a thoughtful and clever man ... Thank you for the invitation to attend ... one of the best PDs I've been to."

Australia RIDBC (now NextSense)

Professor Marek delivered an outstanding presentation and shared valuable information

Bob was a lovely presenter. I was always engaged, his resources are well thought out and designed, great photos, great story teller.

Very interesting having an international speaker, Bob was so passionate and authentic in his experiences, not just theoretical

Japan Tsukuba University

It was a very good workshop. I was very impressed and got many ideas from the materials made by Prof. Marek. They were prepared in small steps for understanding the relationship and connection with the relation between 3D objects and 2D displays.

Thank you very much for the wonderful time at the workshop.By touching and handling Prof. Marek’s teaching materials, I understood the importance of tactile materials and toys which are useful and also enjoyable for children with visual impairments.

Prof. Marek’s lecture was very interesting and the materials were well thought out. I was inspired by the workshop and it made me want to try them out with my school children.

Finland - Valteri

Very positive feedback. Your workshop was very, very much liked, inspirational and thought provoking, to mention a few.

India Jyothi Seva Society Bangalore

Thank you very much for your classes and sharing your ideas with us. And also donating the teaching materials. We are indeed very grateful to you sir. Students are very happy.

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