Shape Detective

The ”Shape detective 1 - 5” series includes four booklets and one set of tactile overlays (size A5).The series takes children from drawings of lines (straight, curved, zigzags, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, parallel, solid, dashed, dotted) shown in a flip chart style activity tactile booklet Shape detective 1, to simple geometric shapes (Shape detective 2 activity book, and to combinations of lines and shapes (Shape detective 3), helping understand that simple geometric shapes are made by three or more lines. Shape detective 4 and 5 are to be used with the Space Organizer. The set of cards in Shape detective 4 alllows children to fill tactile outlines with wooden magnetic shapes, or to add or remove shapes to make new geometric shapes. Shape detective 5 is a tactile booklet with drawings of a large square made of various combinations of other shapes. The task for the child is to identify the shapes which are ”hiding” in the square. The range of activities can be expanded by using the drawings with the Space Organizer.

Shape Detective 1

Shape Detective 2

Shape Detective 3

Shape Detective 4

Shape Detective 5

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