Professor Boguslaw (Bob) Marek

Last week, and as part of the Student Wellbeing Professional Learning 2011, the Statewide Vision Resource Centre had the joy and pleasure of hosting the eminent Professor Bob Marek from Poland. He presented to a group of parents and early childhood educators on the Tuesday and to the SVRC braille transcribers on the Wednesday. On the Thursday, he conducted a Masterclass which was attended by 58 participants who came from Victoria, South Australia, ACT, New South Wales and Tasmania - and from a number of disciplines including O&M, early childhood, equipment distributor, braille production, OT, integration aides, teachers and Visiting Teachers. And a mum! It really was very exciting!

Professor Marek began his career in tactual graphics following an experience of teaching English as a second language to blind people. He found the resources one would usually use to teach a second language - that is print-based resources - were completely useless! So he set about developing suitable resources and this led to a deep understanding of tactual graphicacy - the ability to understand graphics by touch. For example, why is a table represented by three tactual lines!

Feedback from participants of the Masterclass has been resoundingly positive. Here are a couple of examples:

Following his sojourn in Melbourne, Professor Marek jumped a train for Wollongong and was following this up with a visit to the Gold Coast where he was to present to teachers and O&M instructors.

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